Sitter Services

(2-10 hours in one booking)

A sitter will be responsible for taking care of your child in your absence during agreed upon work hours. We evaluate the needs of your family, so the sitter your family is matched with can meet your needs.

These duties may include feeding, bathing, changing diapers, maintaining a routine, putting child down for naps, doing the child’s laundry, and ensuring the overall well-being and health of your child.

$25 Booking Fee

Sitters are paid hourly rate directly

Event Care

We provide unique on-site childcare that children of all ages will benefit from. Sometimes it can be overwhelming or just outright boring for kids at certain events. Our professional nannies provide a safe environment where little ones can play, create, and learn. This allows guests to feel at ease knowing their children are in nurturing hands close by.

​We’re equipped with games, movies, educational activities, a kid’s photo booth, dance parties and more! We guarantee a 1:3 nanny to child ratio to ensure little ones are never out of sight. Nanny Miller caretakers must pass drug and background checks.

$300 Booking Fee

$50/hr per nanny

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