The Benefits of Having a Nanny

1. One-on-one attention

There are some amazing benefits that come with having a nanny in your home. One of those benefits is the personal one on one attention your child receives when a nanny is working within your home. Other sources of childcare can be overwhelming for the care provider if they are understaffed and overcrowded. Nannies are there to provide that special attention for just your children. They get to build an amazing relationship of love, growth, and learning. Nannies have a special passion for children and they truly enjoy being present and caring for them just as you would yourself! 

2. Raising your kids, your way!

Parenting is really tricky in the way that we all have our own ideas and philosophies on how it should be done. The great thing about nannies is that they are your employee. That means they should be respectful of your parenting decisions and follow the way that you yourself would parent them. This does mean in depth conversations about how to handle situations so that everyone is on the right page. But with the right Agency, these conversations should be easier to navigate with help. If you are a gentle disciplinarian or a more strict one, if you prefer your children are very cultured and have lots of outings or if you'll like them to stay safely learning at home- your nanny can accommodate whatever your style is. 

3. Dietary Restrictions

I know a lot of great nannies that happen to excel at cooking and meal prep! More and more families are going the Vegetarian/Vegan route, the gluten free route, no dairy, or have peanut allergies. These restrictions can be tricky to navigate, but with the right training and experience along with a willingness to learn- a nanny is an excellent solution to this. They can help cook and prep meals and snacks in your home for your sweet kiddos which makes your kitchen life a breeze instead of a headache! 

4. Flexible Schedules

Roles and responsibilities are drastically changing in the world right now. There are CEO moms, stay at home dads, work from home parents, and gender neutral household responsibilities. Medical professionals often have inconsistent schedules. In order to keep up with changing demands, schedules, and responsibilities, I truly believe the best answer to this is hiring an in home care professional. Nannies are often willing to take the shifts and tricky schedules that other facilities simply are not equipped to accommodate. Having a work agreement with your nanny drafted by an Agency helps keep everyone on the same page as best as possible and keeps expectations clear which is extremely helpful. But most nannies are very willing and passionate about helping working families with their needs. It all comes down to finding the right fit, which is something we personally love to help with! 

5. Extra Set of Hands

Parenting is one of the most challenging and exhausting parts of life. The responsibilities are endless when it comes to the household and the children. The benefit of having a nanny is having an extra set of hands in your home. Not only do nannies help with all of the childcare duties, they also are usually willing to lend a hand in your home. A typical outline for extra household duties nannies are willing to help with are kids laundry, sanitizing toys or bottles, tidying up the play areas, loading/unloading the dishwasher, and transportation to activities and events. Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could come home from work to a clean house and calm kiddos? 

6. Sickness

Kids are tiny germ factories and there is no escaping it. Babies get an average of 7-10 colds per year. That alone is enough to make a parent want to quit their job and just stay home. There aren’t enough sick days in the year to cover all of that sick time! A great way to avoid that is by hiring a nanny. Nannies are willing and able to stay home with your children for most illnesses meaning you can still make important work meetings and you can save that time off for special time together as a family like vacations! We do however always recommend you have a backup sitter or care provider. When our nannies are in our homes taking care of our sick babies for us while we are at work- it’s almost inevitable that the nanny will also catch that sickness. Most nannies are still willing to come to work with mild illnesses, but they deserve sick days just like we do as working parents. Luckily if you use a nanny agency, they usually have back up care to help fill in those extra needs for you when your nanny needs a sick day! 

7. Part of the Family

This goes with number 1 a little bit with the one on one attention, but one of the best advantages of hiring a nanny is the relationship your family gets to build with your employee. Some families view their nanny as strictly a professional, but I think those families are grossly missing out. Nannies should be professional, but they should also feel like an extra family member in your home. I personally love the relationships I’ve built with my own nanny families, and I’ve heard hundreds of heartwarming stories about other working relationships that really blossom into something special. My favorites include nanny kids that are flower girls or ring bearers in their nanny’s weddings. Or nannies that get to travel with their nanny families on vacations. Nannies love being invited to birthday parties, holidays, and other special events. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it is truly is a special connection and bond that is unique between nanny and nanny family that lasts for years to come! 


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