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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

I was basically born into being a caregiver. As the eldest child, I started helping with my little brothers and sister very early. I naturally became my family’s babysitter pretty steadily. That's where it all began.

I grew up and took on different roles outside of babysitter. Though, I would still do occasional baby, pet, or house sitting gigs. After working in offices for several years, I was looking to venture (back) into another passion of mine. I was fortunate enough to have learned many new skills to take with me. Such as leading teams, marketing strategies, and many design techniques.

After a little bit of soul-searching, I decided to take an entirely new but familiar path. It wasn’t long before I started looking into providing childcare. It just felt like the best thing for me to do. Soon enough, I was looking after two boys after school. From there, by friends and family referrals, I was back in the game!

While having these opportunities to go into people's homes, I was thrilled to be meeting so many different budding personalities. I also quickly became fascinated with childhood psychology. It was a wonderful bonus to learn how to interact with children. I learned so many wonderful strategies that I am certain I will apply the rest of my life. I am so thankful to the families who let me learn from and grow with them.

I finished a position in October of 2017, that I had held for 3+ years. I was a full-time nanny for this family. I was very sad to leave; however, I was looking to have a child of my own. I felt it was best for our family to leave the position and focus on being a mother full-time. Luckily, we had the means to make that a reality.

I am currently a stay-at-home working mother. I have an extraordinary daughter, Ramona. My fiancé and I have never experienced something so wonderful as parenthood. Although it is a very difficult ride, it truly is the most rewarding as well.

I love to throw impromptu dance parties in our dining room, read in a nice cozy chair, play outside, create in any way I can, and spread love all around! Becoming a childcare provider has really brought back so much magic from my own childhood. I am grateful every day to be in this field. I value and am invested in our children and their futures. I hope to make a real difference wherever and however I can.

I am currently the marketing and event coordinator with Nanny Miller Agency. I love meeting new people and spreading awareness on positive parenting. I love what the company stands for and cannot wait to experience more with this team!


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