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The Nanny Miller Agency is honored to have the opportunity to impact Toledo, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas in such a big way. We truly believe in quality childcare and the personal relationships between nanny and family! These are where are passions are, and our main areas of focus:



Nanny Miller Agency provides training, education, and support for professional nannies, as well as nurturing care for children in our area. Nannies should be respected, valued, and appreciated. It is challenging, as a nanny, to find a family that encompasses all that you are looking for. We're here to help.



Our agency understands that it is a struggle to manage being a working parent and we want to be as helpful in your home as possible. We also understand that trusting your precious children with a caregiver can be difficult. That's why we are thorough in our process to ensure your needs are met.



Community is so important to us. We have developed a hassle-free process that makes it simple for families and nannies to find the right fit.​ We also want to reach as many parents as we can with in-home coaching and parent parties.

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